Editing & Writing Services

Editing & Proofreading

With each project, I implement a meticulous and detail oriented strategy that incorporates a diverse range of perspectives to ensure the piece is as culturally holistic as it is empirically solid.

I understand that providing quality and concise writing, which flows well and is free of errors, is critical for establishing trust with the reader and ensuring overall credibility.

My comprehensive and thorough proofreading process ensures your work will be gramatically sound, be free of punctuation errors, and demonstrate proper prose and argumentation with a logical flow of ideas.

My editing process includes a more thorough disecting of your work to improve the clairty, consistency and style. Furthermore, we provide an in-depth analysis that goes beyond the micro scope to eliminate macro issues such as structural flaws, weakness of argument and obstacles to readability.


  • Journal Articles
  • Research Papers
  • Blog posts
  • Manuscripts
  • Concept Notes
  • Grant Proposals

Other options available upon request.

Citation Style Formatting

Save valuable time by allowing us to ensure all your references and citations are formatted correctly according to the style guide. We have experts in all style areas including: MLA, APA, Chicago and Harvard.

Content Creation

Is your website stale and outdated? Or are you a new business that needs fresh content to attract customers? Our team of experts are here to develop interesting material through a cooperative process that excites your readers!

Creating interesting content has become a vital marketing strategy in today’s information age. I’ll help keep all of your platforms updated with industry specific information and of course, all the latest news and highlights regarding your business or organization.

Effective Examples that help engage clients:

  • Blog Posts
  • Product and Service Pages
  • Employee Biographies
  • Relevant Guides and Case Studies
  • Organizational Culture Pages

Content is not only their to showcase your product or to describe your service but because it is relevant and useful to the reader. Up-to-date content demonstrates that you are an expert in your field and therefore can be valued and trusted. I guarantee creative content that engages, entertains, and informs the all readers.

Social Media Management

Keeping up with a variety of social media platforms can be exhausting and prevent you from conducting business or enjoying your leisure time!

I’ll happily take the weight off your shoulders and formulate a creative strategy tailored to your business that informs clientele and attracts new customers.

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