About Me

After being born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, I graduated highschool and travelled for a year in Australia and Fiji, before spending 6 months in Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala and Belize. I’ve now travelled through 22 countries and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Next, I moved to Kelowna, British Columbia and completed my BA in International Relations, a year of which was done at the University of Amsterdam. I specialized in International Development, participated in a variety of social science classes including: Political Science, Sociology, and Economics and graduated summa cum laude.

Currently, I’m working through an Erasmus Mundus Joint MSc in Urban Studies, with semesters in Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen and Madrid and will graduate in 2020.

I strive to work in a collaborative manner with each client to ensure the process is effective and efficient, while guaranteeing individual attention and satisfaction.

 Core Values


Trust & Integrity

Academic & Scientific Knowledge 



 We are dedicated to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals and strive to integrate the Agenda into all of our organizations processes. 

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