About Us

Our highly skilled team of native English speaking editors are based in British Columbia, Canada. We have assembled a diverse team of academics and professionals, each excelling in their respective fields, including: Economics, Political Science, Business Management, Law, Humanities and Sociology. We work around the clock to ensure you can always depend on us for a quality product and a quick delivery.

 The Always Edit team strives to work in a collaborative manner with each client to ensure we are as effective as we are efficient, guaranteeing invidividual attention and satisfaction. As trust is a pillar in life and any business model, proofreading and editing or otherwise, we believe in forming long-term relationships based on loyalty, fair pricing and active communication.

 Core Values


Trust & Academic Integrity

Academic & Scientific Knowledge 



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 We are dedicated to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals and strive to integrate the Agenda into all of our organizations processes. 

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